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April 13, 2007



funny entry, and what would the world be without jossing and whedoning?

Jossers and Whedoners

Joss: Atfer months apart long time estranged girlfriends get back 'in the sack' as them mortals say.
Whedon: While after-glow is still happening, newly-added to the credits Amber Benson girlfriend character gets shot and dies.

P.S. This was brilliant!

All we need is a wikipedia entry... and we're on our way to the OED!

Kristina's Secret

This is so funny, and so true! Oh, how I miss Joss's writing being on TV, even if he did always jerk us around with his constant "Whedoning." ;)

riain grey

The Joss: In one heartfelt, beautiful scene, Xander reveals himself to be a "Watcher," as he thoughtfully explains to Dawn how much harder it is to be "normal" and surrounded by Slayers.

At the end of scene, as Dawn reflects on what Xander has told her....nothing happens. Have we escaped without being Whedoned????

But, wait! Flash forward to a bad man in a priest's collar, facing off with Xander. "You're the one who sees everything, aren't you? " he asks, thoughtfully. "Well, let's see what we can't do about that."

Arrgh! We've been stealth-Whedoned!


Awww shoot. "Nice shirt, by the way." That almost made me cry.

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