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April 25, 2007


riain grey

this entry is funny. i mean, floony. however i think i speak for all of us when i say, in the immortal words of daniel osbourne: "nobody deserves mime, buffy."

also - no mention of waffles. what are you, some kind of communist sicko?


mmmmm..... waffles. sadly the mime was guarding them.

no steven segal but plenty of jean-claude van damme. after all, he's the muscles from brussels. A real live belginium. but hotter. floon!


Awww... the beginning of this totally made me cry. I loved American Top 40 and the long-distance dedication. Especially the ones to like the three-legged blind dog who lived down the street that I used to feed candy to on my way to school but now I live two streets away so I don't pass him anymore so could you please play "Back in Black" for Charlie. Love those.

And for the record, I wasn't too cheap to get a cellphone that would work overseas, I just didn't think about it til it was too late. But I'll call often. I promise.


Mmm. Belgium. My favorite memories of Belgium involve the utter indignation with which one is greeted when asking for a waffle for breakfast. When I began to get a sense of the waffle ettiquette, I started asking for them just for the pure entertainment of the dialog: "Waffles? For breakfast? Certainly not. They may be eaten between 2pm and 4pm, and after dinner. At no other times. Scandalous."

I did find one place that served waffles as early as noon, and they were utterly scorned by the rest of the town. The name of this fine establishment? "Waffles mit Pickles!" I kid you not. I have photographic evidence.

Have fun, Petey, and look up Waffles mit Pickles if you find yourself near Bruges!


i was in Bruges just this weekend! No waffles or pickles, sadly. (tho i would have sought that place out if i'd known.) lots of beer though. i'm totally going out and ordering a waffle right now just to see what happens...

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